Caring For A Fluffy Cat

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Does your feline friend have long fur? Fluffy cats are super cute. However, these guys do need some extra TLC. In this article, a local Goodyear, AZ vet offers tips on caring for a longhaired cat.


Your kitty will need some help caring for that pretty coat. Brushing Fluffy regularly will benefit her in several ways. First and foremost, you’ll be removing tangles, dead hair, and dander from her fur. This will keep your furry buddy much more comfortable. It will also reduce the amount of hair she swallows when grooming herself, which in turn will help reduce the amount of hairballs she produces. Of course, these daily beauty sessions are also a good way to make your cat feel pampered, and just to spend quality time with her. Pick a time when Fluffy is feeling relaxed and a bit cuddly, such as after a meal.

Parasite Control

Fleas and ticks are no fun for any cat, but they can really make longhaired kitties extra miserable. Keep up with Fluffy’s parasite control! 

Hairball Prevention

Longhaired cats are often particularly prone to hairballs. Your feline pal may benefit from being on hairball prevention. A good diet will also go a long way towards keeping Fluffy’s coat healthy and reducing hairballs. Ask your vet for specific advice.


It may be helpful to trim the fur around your feline pal’s bottom a bit, so it’s easier to keep clean. Also, if Fluffy has fur tufts that get into her eyes, you can clip these as well. Otherwise, they may cause irritation and tearing. Use only blunt-end scissors and be very, very careful. 

Please contact us, your Goodyear, AZ vet clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help! 

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