Bathing Your Cat

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Our feline friends are very clean, which is one of the things we love most about them. Fluffy will dutifully make time in between her 32 daily naps and 7 meals to clean her fur and make sure it’s soft and smooth. You don’t have to bathe your cat, though you can if you choose to. A Goodyear, AZ vet discusses bathing kitties in this article. 

Consult Fluffy’s Doctor

In most cases, there should not be any issue with bathing Fluffy. However, you should never bathe a cat that is sick and/or healing from surgery unless your vet specifically recommends it. Check with your vet before bathing kittens, pregnant cats, or kitties with any sort of medical issues. 

Be Prepared

Only use shampoos made specifically for kitties. Products made for people are too strong for Fluffy. They could strip the oil from her coat, and leave your furball looking like, well, more of a frizz ball. You’ll also want to grab a few towels, a washcloth, and a pitcher or teapot for rinsing. 

Prep Work

We recommend brushing Fluffy before bathing her, to remove and loosen up dead fur and dander. (You may want to do this the day before.) It’s also a good idea to put a rubber mat down in the tub or sink to protect it. As for yourself, don long sleeves and thick jeans. 


When it’s time to bring your kitty in, fill the tub or sink with a few inches of warm (not hot) water. Gently lather your pet up. Talk to her if she seems nervous. Be careful not to get soap or suds in Fluffy’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. You may just want to use a washcloth for her face. Make sure to rinse well!


Once your feline buddy is clean, wrap her in a towel and gently pat her dry. Some kitties don’t mind being blow dried. If your cat likes the spa treatment, you can blow dry her. Use a low, cool setting. Just don’t force her to submit. When you let Fluffy go, she’ll probably go to her favorite spot and start grooming herself to get her fur back in order. Offer her a treat or a new toy to get her motor restarted.

Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Goodyear, AZ vet clinic, we’re here to help!

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