Things Your Cat is Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is coming up quickly! While many people are looking forward to sharing food with their loved ones, it’s important to remember the true meaning of the holiday: gratitude. We are of course very grateful for our feline friends, and their adorable quirks and mannerisms. But what do you think Fluffy would be most appreciative of? A Goodyear, AZ vet lists a few pawsibilities in this article.


Cats may be finicky, but they also get quite hangry, and can get a bit pushy if their breakfast is late!

Comfy Beds

Kitties are opportunistic nappers, who will sleep on anything that looks remotely comfortable. Still, if Fluffy could write her own list, this would probably be at the top of it. 

Window Views

We always recommend keeping kitties indoors, where they are protected from hazards such as traffic, weather, and other animals. However, Fluffy will still enjoy watching birds and squirrels. Offer your cute pet a comfy window seat with a good view.


Our feline buddies are always cute, but they really are at their most adorable when they’re feeling the effects of catnip. 


Speaking of toys, they are also definitely on the list of things kitties appreciate. Give Fluffy a variety of cute playthings to push under the couch.

Clean Litterboxes

You can’t blame Fluffy for this one: no one likes a dirty bathroom! We recommend scooping your cute pet’s powder room daily and changing the litter every week.


Kitties love to seek out warm spots to sleep in. That’s why, on any given morning, thousands—if not millions—of furballs take their morning naps in sunbeams.


If you put an empty box down near Fluffy, it probably won’t remain empty for long. Cats just can’t resist boxes!

Cat Furniture

Fluffy doesn’t mind ‘borrowing’ our beds, couches, sofas, loveseats, or any other piece of furniture her humans own. Regardless, she really does appreciate having some things she doesn’t have to share!

Us (Sort of)

Your kitty may not be particularly fond of her appointments—particularly the dreaded car ride part. However, she will feel much better with proper care.

Warm Laps

One of the many things we love about our feline pals is the fact that they fit purrfectly into our laps. Fluffy also enjoys cuddling up with her humans.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us, your local Goodyear, AZ veterinary clinic, anytime.

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