Dr. Julia Wiederholt - Veterinarian


Dr. Julia Wiederholt graduated from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016.

Dr. Wiederholt also concurrently obtained her masters in public health from the University of Iowa in the same year. After she graduated, she moved to Arizona in order to escape the cold, dreary midwest winters and began practicing veterinary medicine in the valley.

Dr. Wiederholt loves all of her patients but has an especially strong affinity for her feline patients. In addition to enjoying feline medicine, she also has a strong passion for geriatric medicine.

When she's not taking care of her patients Dr. Julia stays busy with her extensive fur family which includes three cats (Big Paw Paw, Winston, and Ahsoka), three dogs (Nicholas, Liam, and Leia), and sulcata tortoise (Moira).

Her interests outside of veterinary medicine include gardening, gaming, and spending time with her partner Travis and his children Shayden, Athena, and Freya.