Dr. Shanah Frankel - Veterinarian


Dr. Shanah Frankel was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Frankel spent nearly every school break while growing up, with her family in Phoenix. Citing the "Lion King" as her muse, she decided to become a veterinarian at only three years old and went off to The Ohio State University to do it after graduating high school.

While in Columbus, OH, Dr. Frankel explored the wild world of animal care in multiple ways by working for the Columbus Zoo, the USDA, a companion animal hospital, riding for tOSU Western Equestrian Team, and running tOSU Horsemen's Association. A proud Buckeye, She earned both her bachelor's and veterinary medicine degrees from Ohio State (fun fact, she is the third Dr. Frankel in my family to graduate from there!). However, after eight snowy winters, she couldn't be without her family or the sunshine any longer, so she and her now husband found their way back to Phoenix, AZ after graduation.

After practicing with a few hospitals around the northern half of Phoenix, Dr. Frankel found her way home to Dreaming Summit Animal Hospital, where she looks forward to providing high-quality medicine every day. She strives to provide compassionate and individualized care to my patients while creating a communicative and approachable collaboration with their owners. Dr. Frankel's professional interests include feline medicine, wound care, pain management, dentistry, and reproductive medicine.

When she is not in the office, she is likely home with her husband and female orange tabby cat, Ruby. Her favorite hobbies outside of work include cooking (and therefore her second favorite hobby, eating), hanging out with family, exploring the outdoors, and catching up with her twin sister on the phone.