Kora W. VT, Hospital Manager


Kora's love for animals has never strayed. From the day she could say the word veterinarian she knew she wanted to work with animals.

She started her career as an undergrad at Colorado State University in Zoology and also majored in Business Management. She slowly worked her way up in the field starting from kennel tech to now managing Dreaming Summit Animal Hospital. She has worked with animals for 10 years and hopes to continue to learn new and innovative ways to care for your pets.

She has worked with exotic animals, birds, pocket pets and of course your everyday dogs and cats. Her passion is to provide pets and their owners the best service possible using the care that she would want for her own fur babies. Kora owns two pugs, one chocolate lab, and three cats; as well as having started a beautiful family.

In her free time, Kora loves to play tennis, watch Disney movies, travel, and be outdoors. She is a huge foodie and never turns down the opportunity to try something new.